Training for Carers

At Aspire Physiotherapy I provide training and support for carers, whether they are care staff working in a care home, or a carer for a client or family member living at home.

I have over 10 years experience of working with carers helping them assist with the rehabilitation and moving and handling of clients, to enhance the quality and safety of care they deliver. Whilst working in the NHS in Derby I was a key trainer for staff in moving and handling. I am trained by and follow the Derbyshire Inter Agency Group’s code of practice – care handling for adults in hospital and community settings, with the aim of contributing towards the safety and well-being of the people cared for in Derbyshire and those who assist them.

Training for care homes

I provide bespoke training packages delivered direct to care homes. This has the benefit of relating the training to the clients staff care for, practice with equipment that is actually used in the care home (where appropriate) and opportunities for problem-solving. My aim is to improve skills, knowledge and the confidence of carers. I deliver the following training:

  • moving and handling
  • training in neurological conditions including stroke care
  • training on care handling and positioning specific to an individual client (this may be a client with a complex neurological presentation)

Training for personal assistants

If you are a personal assistant assisting someone at home, or you are a client looking into training for your personal assistant, I can help you in the following areas:

  • provide moving and handling training
  • provide specific advice including care handling, assisting with exercise programmes and advice around equipment.

Training for carers looking after family members

I can provide individual support and advice on safe and effective ways of assisting the person in your care. I can also provide small group training sessions on safe moving and handling to help and support the many carers looking after family members at home.



As a registered manager of a nursing home, I have worked with Mel for a number of years. We are able to take a multi-disciplinary approach to care delivery and have been able to provide an increased level of staff training since the introduction of Mel’s ‘stroke training.
Karen Jenkinson, care home manager, Derby


‘I have worked with Mel on two occasions and each time I have learnt a lot. She is very knowledgeable and is excellent at teaching! I now have a better understanding of how a stroke affects somebody’s life and what can be done to help improve / maintain their life.
Holly (student nurse)


Melanie has become an integral part of the team in our Nursing Homes. She is able to offer the Nursing team full consultation support on all aspects of Physio and has worked alongside staff to assess equipment and residents needs. Residents also benefit from the friendly and professional one-to-one service she offers meaning they no longer have to wait for lengthy NHS referrals. She has pushed forward our stroke and moving and handling training and ensured the Care team are working to recognised standards within suitable frameworks. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melanie to anyone who was looking for either some general Physio advice or the complete care home training/consultation solution she provides to us.
Mike Shepperson, Director Abbeydale & Stanley House Nursing Homes, Derby


 I intend to use the training I have been shown today to help me to be able to be more affective in my job, to help with positioning to aid the clients to be more independent and comfortable. To be able to be more positive in my approach to stroke victims.
Carer in Derby care home


Feedback from moving and handling training:


I have learnt to use a slide sheet. I have learnt to stand a person using the oblique in front and oblique behind. I intend to use the methods shown me as I have found them easy to use, they are safe for the residents and safe for me. I have really enjoyed the course and through it I am able to reflect and think of many ways the training given is going to help both the residents and myself.
Carer from Abbeydale care home