Physiotherapy MOT in your home or care home

Having a review of your physical abilities can be particularly helpful if you are living with a long-term condition such as a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, or if you have had a recent set back such as a fall or an operation which has affected your mobility and confidence. Rather like our cars having a regular MOT or service, a physiotherapy MOT will review how your body as a whole is performing, but also the different components such as balance, movement, strength and co-ordination.  

Aspire Physio is currently offering a Physiotherapy MOT in the comfort of your own home or care home.

Who could benefit:

Assessing movement of the foot and ankle

  • Anyone who has a long-term medical condition which affects them physically. For example if you have had a stroke then it is beneficial to have regular reviews to see how you can improve further or maintain your physical abilities to your best ability.  If you have had a relapse of your Multiple Sclerosis then a review of your physical symptoms is helpful to try to improve or limit further deterioration.
  • If you have had a fall, confidence is often affected which can reduce your mobility and stop you getting out and about. Having a review and advice on your current physical abilities and how to improve them can help improve your motivation and confidence to get you returning to previous activites.
  • If you have had a period of illness or been in hospital mobility and strength is often affected. A physiotherapy MOT can help identify what physical abilities have been affected and how to regain your maximum potential.

What you receive?

  • A full health check of your mobility, balance, movement and muscle strength.
  • Advice on ways to reach your full physical potential
  • Follow-up written advice and exercise programme (where appropriate).
  • Advice on other local services or equipment that may help you.

A recent testimonial from a lady in Derby I saw who had a relapse of her Multiple Sclerosis:

‘The physio was a valuable help to me at a very awkward time. I was moving and feeling more confident in a very short time. Sincere thanks for all your help’.  Theresa, Derby


This article was written by: melanieparker