Free carer assessment February and March 2012

One of my aims for 2012 is to develop my business in provision of training and support for carers looking after a family member at home.

It is estimated that in the UK 15% of the population are carers and that in Derbyshire there are approximately 112,000 carers. Of those carers in Derbyshire it has been calculated that 40,000 care for someone in their own home (figures taken from 

Many carers will be carrying out physical assistance in activities such as helping someone to wash and dress, or in transferring from a chair or bed. I am keen to develop training for carers on safe moving and handling techniques and advice on looking after their backs and general health, providing access to similar training that carers in care homes or hospitals receive.

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training carers about back care

For February and March 2012 I am offering a free carer assessment on ‘looking after your back’ for carers who live in Derby or up to 15 miles out of Derby. Please contact me for further information or to book a free consultation at your home to look at safe and effective ways of assisting someone in your care.

A carer in Derby who I recently assessed kindly provided this feedback:

‘Your visit was particularly helpful for me being a carer to a physically disabled husband, having to help him dress and bathe regularly I found I was always bending and not always in the right way. To be taught the right way will hopefully lead to less wear on my own back in the future and enable me to carry on in my caring role  for longer. Hospitals are always eager to train their nursing staff into handling patients but we carers seem to get neglected. Melanie gave us both lots of useful tips on her home visit, thank you so much for your time with us. L and G Dainty

This article was written by: melanieparker