‘Stand-up for Dignity’ – improving carers’ knowledge, skills and confidence

Last month I became a Dignity Champion in support of the need to deliver care services that respect dignity in care (  As part of Dignity Action Day I joined forces with Amy Rose, a local community dance artist, to provide a seated dance exercise class for older adults at Whitaker day centre in Derby. All participants said they really enjoyed the class which involves movement to music whilst using props such as scarves, feather boas and hats.   Read more..

Free carer assessment February and March 2012

One of my aims for 2012 is to develop my business in provision of training and support for carers looking after a family member at home.

It is estimated that in the UK 15% of the population are carers and that in Derbyshire there are approximately 112,000 carers. Of those carers in Derbyshire it has been calculated that 40,000 care for someone in their own home (figures taken from  Read more..